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We do the work, they get the credit

Entering the field of advertising, specifically media, enlightened me in so many ways. Of course, I had to learn the basics first. I was taught that there are fundamental disciplines or divisions in an advertising agency – accounts, creatives, and media. So when we look at it, an ad agency serves as the brain, the hands, the feet… Well, basically, a whole human body for a client.

People from the colorful world of advertising spend long hours for pitches, campaigns, launches, and the like. Yet, the credits are always given to the clients. Isn’t this unfair?

The trend now for brands is to produce their campaigns on social media. Of course, majority of today’s population are in there. Always. 24/7. More viewers, more money.

In a world where people outsmart one another, seeing unfiltered reactions on social media is nothing but normal nowadays; but, I still hate it. I couldn’t help but cringe all the time I see people’s comments on social networking sites – stupid, nonsense, baseless, whatever you want to call it.

What I hate the most is seeing people praise brands for “wonderful”, “heartfelt”, “jaw dropping” campaigns.

“Kudos, X!”
“Nice ad, X!”
“You won my heart, X!”
“Oh X, you brought me to tears!”
“Now, this is what you call an advertisement!”

And I’m here sitting on my office chair telling these people in my mind “We did that, not them.” Does anybody here feel me? I mean, we do all the work for them and this is what we get? We are looked up by many; yet, we are being underestimated by the mass by not acknowledging our efforts. Don’t get me the wrong way. It’s not that I want us to be praised. We just want to be properly recognized for the blood and sweat we spent rather than be erased out of the picture.

What do we do now? Is it time to educate the people about us? Or are we doing too much work for our clients that’s why we remain unknown? Do we have to stay as dummies forever?

Walang forever.

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