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How fresh graduates Kyle Pavon and Bettina Someros landed in Group M

Bettina Someros, Media Planner/Buyer, Mediacom and Kyle Pavon, Community Manager, MEC

For fresh graduates like me, it is always a struggle to get that first job. The problem is always lacking work experience which is quite funny because how can we have a minimum of 2 years related work experience when we have just finished studying? Luckily, this was not the case for Kyle Pavon and Bettina Someros who both just graduated last year.

Kyle studied at De La Salle University, Manila. She wanted to take a business-related course but also wanted a touch of arts in it. For this reason, she ended up taking Advertising Management. At present, Kyle is a Community Manager at MEC. Basically, her task is to think of content that is timely. According to her, it’s quite a challenge that she has to always be updated with everything that is happening because that is where her ideas will emanate from. “For example, today, Miss Universe is trending. So, I have to think of contents that are connected to that event so that it will be relevant to the target market.” Kyle said.

Bettina, on the other hand, has always been fascinated with media. This is why she took up Communications Research at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. At present, she is a Media Planner/Buyer for Mediacom.

Kyle and Bettina belong to the second batch of Media ManTra, a Group M-initiated program for fresh graduates who are aspiring to be part of their company. It is a 12-week graduate trainee program designed to be the foundation that prepares young and bright talents to become the future leaders of the ever-changing media industry.

Second batch of Media ManTra

Media ManTra is internationally recognized. Every Group M company worldwide offers this training program. In other countries, it is called Media Masters. Fresh graduates can either apply for the program or be offered to undergo it when they apply in Group M. Before getting accepted for the training program, one will have to undergo a series of interviews with the heads of the different Group M agencies. In the Philippines, there are six – Mindshare, MEC, Mediacom, Maxus, Xaxis, and Moven. The only difference between these Group M agencies are the accounts they handle.

Kyle and Bettina shared their experiences as part of Group M’s Media ManTra. According to them, there were a lot of team building activities that helped them increase their knowledge on a lot of things. They are very happy to be part of Media ManTra. It was a great opportunity for them because they were able to learn a lot before actually working for the company. They encourage students to apply for the program since it will be of great help to address the industry-academe gap in the Philippines.

From former students who are just fascinated with media, Kyle and Bettina are now among the people who now have a rewarding career in this industry. “Today, we unconsciously analyze ads already. Before, we only react to ads like if the song is nice or the story is good but now, we’re more technical about it.” Kyle shared.

Kyle and Bettina said that they are happy with where they are now. They are excited for the farther places they can go to – all thanks to Media ManTra.

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