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Perfect places for your Valentine's date

Don’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day yet? No need to worry, we got your back! Here are some of the restaurants we have visited which will be perfect for your February 14 date.


If you and your date are into Western cuisine, Stella is perfect for you. Their dishes are mostly cooked in wood fire which makes them flavourful. A few of their specialties are their pizzas and pastas.

Other than their Valentine’s Day table setup, Stella has also prepared a special dish which will only be available on February 1-28.

MUST TRY: Warm Chocolate Raspberry Cake
Read more about Stella: http://www.pinaymediaplanner.ph/2017/01/stella-wood-fired-bistro.html


There’s never a wrong time for Pinoy food. So, why not have your date at Kabila where they serve authentic Filipino food?

This love month, Kabila will also be serving the Love Burger.

MUST TRY: Crispy Catfish, Burong Hipon + Mustasa
Read more about Kabila: http://www.pinaymediaplanner.ph/2017/02/kabila-filipino-bistro-pinoy-na-pinoy.html


Japanese food is always on someone’s cravings list. Let your significant other have a taste of Japan at Saboten this Valentine’s Day.

You may also want to try their Valentine’s Day special, Green Tea Latte (Iced or Hot).

MUST TRY: Shabu-Shabu
Read more about Saboten: http://www.pinaymediaplanner.ph/2017/02/have-taste-of-tokyo-at-saboten.html

4. The Nook Café

Are you a certified Potterhead? Well, if you are, The Nook Café is where you should be. From their interiors to their menu, everything is Harry Potter inspired!

Especially made for Valentine's Day is this newbie in their menu Strawberry Cream-O.

According to their owner, they always prepare a special gimmick for their customers every Valentine’s Day. Be sure to find out what awaits you at The Nook Café on February 14!

MUST TRY: Butterbeer
Read more about The Nook Cafe: http://www.pinaymediaplanner.ph/2017/02/the-nook-cafe-keeps-harry-potter-vibe.html

5. Artesania MNL Café

Get artsy and have good food at Artesania MNL Café this Valentine’s Day. They don’t only serve good food but they also have free art activities you can do while waiting for your food. A written “I love you” in calligraphy would surely make your date even better.

This Valentine’s Day, Artesania MNL Café has a special offer just for you: When you order 1 salad, 1 pasta, and 1 pizza, you will get complimentary drinks - your choice of Galaxy Latte or Cucumber Lemon Soda.

MUST TRY: Midsummer Night's Dream
Read more about Artesania MNL Cafe: http://www.pinaymediaplanner.ph/2017/02/an-artsy-cafe-is-finally-in-maginhawa.html


If you want to get all fancy and romantic, Terraz is the place to be. Here, you can experience how it feels like to dine in a five-star hotel without having to spend much.

Terraz also has a special Valentine’s Day menu just for you.

MUST TRY: Sesame BBQ Pork Ribs
Read more about Terraz: http://www.pinaymediaplanner.ph/2017/02/get-all-fancy-at-terraz.html

Whether alone or with a date, I hope you'll all have a meaningful Valentine's Day 2017!

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